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Backyard Pool with Awning — Pools and entertainment in Howard Springs, NT
We believe that pools are more than just a way to keep cool during the hot summer months. They are part of your landscape and should be treated as something that adds beauty to your home. We are fully committed to offering stunning swimming pools that will perfectly accent your yard while providing you with years of enjoyment for your family. Pools and entertaining services by Rod Hardy Pools are sure to bring you endless hours of fun in the sun all summer long. You can even add lighting, water features and more and turn it into a sanctuary that you can escape to any time you wish.

All of our pools are made from concrete. That means that we are not limited when it comes to the designs we can create. We believe that concrete pools are far superior for many reasons.

They are more durable than any other pool material. Concrete pools are far more rugged than fibreglass and similar materials, and all of our pools have a lifetime warranty. That is how confident we are that your pool will last for the life of your home. All our pools are created to Australian standards so you can be sure that you are getting the highest level of quality that will meet all standards for longevity and safety.

They are much more easily customised. Unlike other materials, concrete pools do not have to be created using a shell that has already been fabricated. Our pools are poured freeform so we can do unlimited sizes and shapes for your home. We are only limited by your imagination and space available.

They can be updated in a variety of ways. We can upgrade your pool with lighting and other features, such as decorative tile and decking, to give it an edge over other options. We want you to love spending time in your own outdoor getaway, and your pool’s design is a major part of setting the mood. We can accomplish virtually anything you have in mind, and we love the opportunity to get creative with our pool designs.

You will find that our pools and entertainment options are superior to much of the competition since we are committed to your full satisfaction at every step of the process. We also offer additional services, such as pool decking and safety fences. You have to have a safety fence if you have an in ground pool, and ours meet all Australian standards to ensure the safety of your yard for children and pets. You can choose from standard fencing or go with glass panelled fencing that allows for full visibility of the pool at all times, even when the gate is closed.

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